The famous town of Konitsa, lying in the shadow of the impressive Trapezitsa mountain (alt. 2.022 m) and the spectacular Timfi mountain massif (alt. 2.497 m) with its unique, from an ecological point of view, Aoos Gorge, witnesses old cultures and their unique glory. If you follow the routes of one of the area’s three major rivers – Voidomatis, Aoos and Sarantaporos – you will discover all 46 settlement of the area. At the beginning this route meets Voidomatis river and the post-Byzantine monuments of Epano Kleidonia, it then follows the Aoos River to the south and reaches the Molyvdoskepasto Village at the Greek – Albanian border area and the famous Molivdoskepasti Monastery, a religious landmark of the area.

Passing by the famous stone villages, known as Mastorochoria at the valley of Sarantaporos river with Pyrsogianni village being its centre, you arrive in the Vlach village of Aetomilitsa, at an altitude of 1.550 m whose distinctive feature is pastoralism, and in Fourka at the opposite side, that is also a Vlach village located to the north of Smolikas mountain.

Finally, following the villages of Aoos basin located on the slopes of Smolikas Mountain you will reach Distrato, a lively village near the Vassilitsa National Ski Resort. The Municipality of Konitsa with the town of Konitsa being its seat, includes 41 villages (46 settlements) distributed in five Municipal Units (Konitsa, Mastorochoria, Aetomilitsa, Distrato and Fourka). It has 6.362 inhabitants and covers an area of 958 km2.

Georgia Kitsaki, Historian- Archaeologist/ M.Sc. Social Folklore, Epirus Development Agency S.A.

Haritakis Papaioannou, PhD. Conservation Biologist, Epirus Development Agency S.A.