The photo contest entitled “poses Geopark VIKOS AOOS” organized by DEVELOPMENT OF EPIRUS SA-Development SA OTA with distinctive title “EPIRUS SA” based in Ioannina, Pyrros & Mich Square. Angelou 453 32 GREECE.

The purpose of the competition is public participation through involvement with the art of photography, the promotion of geoparks VIKOS AOOS and highlight all the elements that compose it: geology, ecosystems, organizations, settlements, humans culture and activities.

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The photo contest entitled "poses Geopark VIKOS AOOS" organized by DEVELOPMENT OF EPIRUS SA-Development SA OTA with distinctive title "EPIRUS SA" based in Ioannina, Plateia Pyrros & amp; Mich. Angelou 453 32 GREECE.

The purpose of the competition is public participation through involvement with the art of photography, the promotion of geoparks VIKOS AOOS and highlight all the elements that compose it: geology, ecosystems, organizations, settlements, humans culture and activities.


The area from which should come the photographic material to be presented is the surrounding area which includes the Vikos-Aoos Geopark. See the map by clicking HERE.

The area of the Geopark occupies the northwestern part of the Regional Unit of Ioannina in Epirus region and more particularly the most of Municipalities Zagori and Konitsa. In the area dominated by the high mountains of Northern Pindos: the Tymfi, Smolikas the Trapezitsa and Nemertsika and smaller. The rivers of the region are almost entirely in Aoou basin and besides that include Voidomatis and Sarantaporos. The area is characterized, important archaeological sites, Byzantine and post-Byzantine and mainly many new monuments. As traditional are marked almost half settlements of the region all have the remarkable, in terms of architecture, buildings. In these and among religious monuments such as temples in and around the settlements of the period from the 16th to the 19th century. and monasteries built in remote and inaccessible areas, such as the odd Spiliotissa, Rogovo and Soudena Zagori but Stomiou Molivdoskepasti and Kladormis Konitsa. An integral part of the urban network of the region and excellent example of pre-industrial technology and Epirus craftsmen is the number of preserved arched stone bridges, such as the bridge of roosters in Zagori and Konitsa Aoos. All mountains of the Geopark area are included, thanks to their great ecological and aesthetic value, the network of protected of Natura 2000. Here is a big part of the National Park of Northern Pindos and Vikos Aoos National Park. Many hiking trails lead to high peaks of Smolikas Tymfi of Nemertsika and all other mountains in the area. Great interest are the ravines of Aoos and Vikos, while the waters of Aoos and Voidomatis rivers suitable for water activities such as rafting and kayaking.


Right to participate in the competition "poses Geopark VIKOS AOOS" and the public voting process is a natural person, an amateur or professional photographer of any nationality and sex who has completed at least 14 years of age. Participation in the competition and the final report of the best photos is free of charge for participants. Photographers should be gentlemen and creators of the photographic material to be submitted to the competition. After submitting the photo until the end of the contest is forbidden under penalty of exclusion, the publication on the internet, on websites and social media as well as any action to influence the jury and the public.



The categories of the competition are:


The geological formations of the Geopark: Canyons, cliffs, peaks, plateaus, rocks, landforms, soils, sources and ecosystems and landscapes composing.


Human buildings, villages, bridges, churches, monasteries, everything that has created man with the site materials

human activities

Every human activity, culture, sport, leisure and work compatible with the environment.


The wildlife of the wider area of the Geopark


Downloads aerial inside any kind


Each photographer can participate in the competition by submitting a digital photograph per category, a total of 5 photos. The submission of photographs will take place exclusively via upload on the competition website after prior registration and certification of the user.

The photographs submitted to the competition should be digital jpeg files with the largest dimension 1920px at 72dpi and must not exceed a digital file size of 2MB.

The photos will be awarded will be sent to the organizers to print and participation in the final photographic report. The size of the digital files to be printed should be 8bit TIFF files 4000px least at their longest dimension.

expressly prohibited the display digital photos each distinctive as names, logos, passwords etc. that can influence the judgment of the committee and the public.

Allow the submission of digital photos that have been technically treated as suturing (stitching) if it panoramas, HDR to increase the dynamic range of brightness, removing unnecessary items etc. without distortion of the conditions of the issue. submit photos that they are derived from film digitization, positive or negative also permitted. You may not submit photos that have been created with collage. The jury is responsible for sensory evaluation of submitted photos which they are derived by applying the above techniques.


The closing date for participation in the competition is November 15, 2016.

The vote for the Audience Award will be held online from 16 to 26 November 2016.

The awards jury and the public will be announced on November 27, 2016.

The prize-winning contest photos will be exhibited to the public at a special event to be held for this purpose. The date of the report will be announced after the end of the competition. On the day of opening of the exhibition will be awarded and prizes to the winners.


The jury is composed of five members and renowned photographers to landscape photography, nature and culture. The committee consists of:

Costa Vassos, Kostas Zisis Toufidi Pantazis Panagiotis Tsigkouli and Panagiotis Laskaraki.

The selection of photos from the judges will be held without knowing the particulars of photographers to be unimpeachable.


The public vote for the best photos per category will be conducted electronically via the competition website after the expiry of submission of entries and the time period of 15 to 26 November 2016. Each person entitled to vote only once a favorite photo from each category. The photos will be selected by the public as best will participate in the final report of the competition.


In each category are awarded:

The first prize of the jury to the best photography.

The 2nd and 3rd prize of the jury respectively.

Honorable mention in the next 6 best photos in each category.

The public prizes by vote, one for each category.

At winners the jury awarded the donor prizes as follows:


The fifty best prize-winning contest photos (jury and audience) will be exposed to a photo exhibition to be held specifically for that purpose. The final date of the photographic exhibition will be announced after the end of the competition and the awarding of the best photos.


By participating in the contest and uploading photos to the corresponding web page, each participant expressly declares that he is the creator and copyright holder of the photographic material but also to have the consent of any persons represented. The copyright of the photos belong solely to the authors-photographers and are not given. The organizers may in the contest publicity and photographic exhibition to publish photographs in print and electronic media, the reference is always the name of the image creator. Participants acknowledge printing of the winning photographs and their exposure to the public in a special place one or more times. Participants also accepted the creation anniversary photo album from the organizers, non-commercialized, encompassing the best of the competition photos.

For the purposes of the competition and identification of persons may be required to register the name and email of the participants and the public. These personal data are subject to the Law. 2472/1997, as in force, of Law. 2774/1999 and the decisions and instructions of the Data Protection Authority.