A multi-day educational visit of 45 students with their professors from Chech University of Life Sciences,Prague .was successfully held on period 10-14/09/2019 at the Vikos-Aoos Geopark.

The visit took place in the framework of the Memorandum of
Cooperation signed between the University of Prague and EPIRUS SA, as the management body of Vikos Aoos Geopark and concerns the cooperation in the implementation of the summer school entitled “Mountain Ecology and Conservation” which focuses on ecology, conservation, management,biodiversity and geodiversity of extensive mountain complexes, such as Vikos-Aoos Geopark.

The 45 students during their short visit that remained in our area crossed the Aoos gorge in two parallel mountaineering routes, climbed to Drakolimni, climbed to Astraka, they crossed the Vikos gorge and walked along the Voidomatis river. Representatives of the Geopark in the context of bilateral cooperation accomanied them, providing useful information and knowledge about geology,biodiversity and the rich history of the Geopark as part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.