Greek Geoparks Forum


The Hellenic Geoparks Forum was established in 2011 to coordinate and promote Greek Geoparks, as well as to strengthen the efforts for the promotion of the geological monuments and sites of the geological and geomorphological heritage of Greece.

The actions of the Hellenic Geoparks Forum focus in the provision of initiative for the development and recognition of Geoparks nationwide, as well as supporting and strengthening the European Geoparks Network and the Global Geoparks Network.

The Hellenic Geoparks Forum participants are:

  • UNESCO Hellenic National Commitee,
  • Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME),
  • Epirus Development Agency S.A. (Epirus S.A.),
  • Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest,
  • AKOMM Psiloritis,
  • Chelmos-Vouraikos Management body,
  • Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEO.C.G.) – Aegean Annex,
  • Greek Geological Society – Committee of geological and geomorphological heritage.

The areas that have been identified as Geoparks are:

  • Lesbos island, in eastern Aegean sea (2000/ 2012)
  • Psiloritis Natural Park, in Crete (2001)
  • National Park Vouraikos – Helmos, in Peloponnese (2009)
  • The wider area of Vikos Aoos Naional Park, in Epirus, Northwestern Greece (2010)
  • The area of Sitia in Crete (2015),