European Geoparks Network


The European Geoparks Network was founded in 2000 and its aim is to protect the geodiveristy, the emergence of geological heritage and the sustainable development of areas with special geological heritage, especially through the development of geotourism.

Primarily, the Network was introduced by four carriers who manage areas of unique geological interest in France, Spain, Germany and Greece.  In 2011 the Network’s members amounted to 49, coming from 16 different European countries.  All Networks’ members are holders of a distinctive mark, “European Geopark”, which has been established in all European countries.

The Network’s members have a constantly online communication, meetings at the Geoparks, organization of annual congresses that new membership applications are also presented for an accession to the Network, participation in joint programs to exchange practical and experiences and the joint of action to protect geological heritage of Europe, the development and promotion of geological natural monuments, and promote sustainable development of the Geopark areas through geotourism.  Guided tours, educational programs, educational visits of students and promotion activities and projection of the Geopark to travel operators, are some of the examples of Geotouristic actions for a geopark