The mysterious rocks in Papigo

The rocks forming the geological structure in Epirus are sedimentary and mainly belong to the geotectonic unit of the Ionian zone, while to the north and east occur sediments of the Pindos zone and magmatic rocks. The geological history of the broader region of Pindos begins 200 million years ago about the beginning of the […]

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The “miraculous” flora of the Vikos Gorge

Mt Tymfi is among the most interesting floristic regions of Greece with about 1.700 species of plants. In the Vikos gorge, one of the core areas of the Northern Pindos National Park, one can find many of the rare plants of the area. On the steep slopes of the gorge, horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) grow, […]

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The hidden thesaurus: Architecture in Konitsa

The art of building in the town of Konitsa of the 18th century as well as in its surrounding area, after having completed a long evolutionary period, becomes a precursor and, simultaneously, one of the most important components of modern Greek technical science. In this era, the so-called art of the empirical craftsmen fits into […]

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