Paleoseli – mountain Refuge- Drakolimni (Dragonlake)of Smolikas-Agia Paraskevi (Kerasovo)

Starting Point: Paleoseli.

End: Agia Paraskevi (Kerasovo).

Trail distance: 17 km.

Duration: 8 hours.

Altitude scale: 1.000 m. – 2.200 m.

– 1050 m.

Route type: path (partly dirt road).

Signage: good.

Degree of difficulty: high.

Points of interest: the Drakolimni of Smolikas, the view to the northern cliffs of Timfi mt, the view to the high peak of Smolikas (2.637 m), the subalpine plateaus, the Bosnian pine forests.

Remarks: A path leads to the highest peak (2.637 m) of Smolikas mt in 1 hour and 30 minutes hike from the Drakolimni. A mountain refuge is located along the path (alt. 1.800 m). A similar trail starts form the nearby village of Pades.